Current Events

Titan Ruins

Titan Ruins Experience Bonus

Until 9:00 PM PDT, Playing matches in Titan Ruins will grant players an additional 50% experience! This is additive with EXP boosters and guild boons (including the 100% temporary), allowing you to reach over 10,000 experience per win!

All Masters

All Masters Unlocked

In addition to more experience, NCSoft has unlocked every single master to play for free for this weekend! Try all the different masters for free and decide which you will be adding to your roster next!

Gludio Dungeon

Timespace Distortion: Gludio Dungeon

The Timespace Distortion this week is Gludio Dungeon. Gludio Dungeon is from the Lineage franchise, and drops [Dragonslayer Fragment], used to unlock and upgrade the weapons for Death Knight. Read our Gludio Dungeon guide to complete this easily!